Are you looking for additional services for your child?

Tree of Knowledge offers educational testing, therapy and tutoring with professionals who are the top of their field.

Learning Assessments:

  • Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement 4th ed. (WJ-IV)

  • Wechsler Series Intelligence Tests


  • Ekwall-Shanker Informal Diagnostic Reading Inventory

  • Comprehensive Test of Nonverbal Intelligence (CTONI)

  • KeyMath Diagnostic Math Test

  • Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Rating Scales:

    • Behavior Assessment System for Children 2nd ed. (BASC-II)

    • Achenbach Series Rating Scales

    • Wechsler Test (WISC-IV etc.) and Woodcock Johnson Achievement package



  • Speech Therapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • ABA Therapy​

  • Physical Therapy

  • Music Therapy

  • Counseling

One-On-One Tutoring:

We offer K-12 Tutoring in the following subjects:

  • English

  • Math

  • History/Social Studies

  • Science

  • AP

  • Multiple Languages

  • Academic Electives


Special Programs:

  • SAT Package (36-hour program)

  • V&V Program – for Reading Comprehension

  • Wilson Reading Program

Mental Health and Nutrition:

  • Individual and Family Counseling

  • Nutrition

  • Career Coaching

  • Social Skills

  • Adolescent and Young Adult Launching