Phone calls and web meetings are one aspect of parental involvement, however it is fundamental for parents to visit their son and the school throughout the school year. The school program is based on a therapeutic process model and there are developmental changes which are expected to take place throughout the process. Parents must see their son’s daily routine, his progress, his responsibilities, what he is expected to be achieving, the school present programs and goals, and they must meet his teachers, friends, classmates and the staff. It is integral that their son see and know that Mom and Dad are visiting, are invested and are also knowledgeable about his progress and true potential. This first-hand awareness of their son’s responsibilities, progress and the actual reality of the daily routine fosters parental commitment and they are then not as easily manipulated by their son’s assertions and excuses. Besides reducing the student’s ability to self-undermine his success and decreasing his attempts at manipulative behavior and protests, it also fosters the student’s appreciation of their parent’s investment and involvement.

Through this, gradually over time, each team meeting, which includes the staff, the student and his parents increases the student’s motivation and commitment. It also gives the parents a true understanding of what they can expect from their son towards mapping out goals for his future.