Our program is designed for children who can not be in a regular school setting due to illness, hospitalization, behavioral or emotional issues.

When your child is referred to Tree of Knowledge Learning Academy, our team will work with you to help you receive Step Up funding. Your child will receive top quality psycho-educational services, including counseling, tutoring, testing and individually tailored plans, without any out of pocket expenses to you! Our tutors will meet with your child in a location that is convenient for you. We will handle all the paperwork, and ensure that your child is well on the way to academic success.

Children Affected by Illness

Illnesses are devastating enough for a child, without the added stress of falling behind in school work. Tree of Knowledge Learning Academy is designed to maintain a sense of scholastic normalcy at a time when children are faced with uncertainty and fear.

We are especially proud of our work with the forgotten needs of children who are affected both directly and indirectly, by illness. Tree of Knowledge Learning Academy is designed to ensure that children who are out of school, due to their own terminal or chronic illness or that of a sibling or parent are able to stay on course.

To accomplish this, we work with the child’s school district and teachers to enable children who would otherwise fall through the educational cracks to stay on top of their work. In addition to providing in-home tutors, we are also able to provide tutors directly to hospitals, and at the Ronald McDonald House.

Depending on the length of time the child is out of school, we will either follow the provided curriculum or devise our own. Thus, when the child is ready to return to school, he or she is able to go back with minimum scholastic interruptions. Through a case managed program of tutoring, psycho-educational testing, and counseling, Tree of Knowledge Learning Academy offers children respite from fear and a sense of accomplishment.

Our successes are measured by the smiling faces, hugs, cards and the knowledge that we have done something to lessen the sting of illness.

Is Your Child Out of School?

Whether for medical reasons, or emotional/ educational issues, being out of school can be overwhelming. Moreover, alternative educational solutions can be costly, and who needs more financial pressure, when the pressure load is already crushing?

Tree of Knowledge Learning Academy is the answer. We provide tutoring, even in-hospital, psycho-educational testing, and counseling to children of all ages. By working with your child’s school board directly, we help you get funding while we service your child in the best way possible. Your will receive services free of charge.

We know the difficulties that parents face. From the stresses and fears of illness and hospitalization, to the challenges of suspension or expulsion due to behavioral/ emotional or academic issues, we know that you may be feeling overwhelmed.

Let us help. Just give us a call and we’ll arrange for your child to begin learning immediately.

For more information on receiving funding, please visit: