Welcome to e-Tree, an interactive online learning system for K-12. Our award-winning program offers you and your child a convenient, cost-effective, superior education without the hassles of traditional home-schooling or the problems of conventional classrooms.

What We Offer

  • A Do-it-Yourself, online K-12 curriculum with individualized course selection.

  • Year-round course access for increased flexibility.

  • Credit recovery: make up high school credits to graduate on time.

  • Advanced/ remedial courses for students at all levels.

  • Complete courses at any time of day with 24/7 access. You can start any course at any time of the year.

  • Interactive courseware: State-of-the-art software combines the benefits of auditory, visual and interactive learning for maximal benefit for all learners.

  • Learn at your own pace. This is very important for those students with special needs. They will never feel outpaced; instead they will feel like there are at the top of their class.

  • Gifted students can take their courses at an accelerated pace to graduate early.


  • Mastery of essential learning skills, with computer-scored tests on each unit.

  • Students must pass unit tests before moving on to new material – this ensures true understanding of the material.

  • Animation, music and creative exercises make learning fun and easy

  • Reading programs

  • No textbooks to buy or keep track of. All material is available online; worksheets can be printed out for student’s convenience.

  • Courses can be purchased as needed.

  • The Tree of Knowledge Learning Academy (TOKLA) will collaborate with your child's school or district to determine courses needed for graduation.

  • TOKLA specialized software tests each child’s skill level before beginning course work to ensure that students receive an education specially tailored for them.

  • Parents have full access to children’s educational logs so they can easily monitor progress.

  • Receive a free disk of offline activities when you order any four subjects for two semesters.