Our School


Tree of Knowledge Learning Academy (TOKLA) welcomes students from diverse backgrounds through its doors. We understand the unique educational needs of students.  For K-12 students ,TOLKA offers alternative educational pathways and active, experiential learning. TOKLA provides flexible options, individualized programming, and technological interfaces to meet any child’s learning needs while at the same time, maintaining whole-school participation.


At Tree of Knowledge Learning Academy, students learn in small, tailor-made educational settings that are safe, adaptable and personal. 


TOKLA follows a research-based cognitive-behavioral theory program integrated throughout the day. We focus on the development of executive function, responsibility, organization, time-management, self-advocacy and goal setting.  Skills progress gradually, with each success forming the foundation for the next, building self-esteem every step of the way.


Students find talent and abilities within themselves that they never before recognized.  They develop a growth mindset and begin setting goals previously thought unattainable.  Our graduates have gone on to pursue college degrees, vocational programs, new jobs and skills.



For students in grades K-4, teachers provide direct, face-to-face instruction in combination with online resources. The curriculum and hourly instructional provisions are determined by each student’s IEP (Individualized Education Plan).  Parents and guardians of home and hospitalized students work closely with school staff to ensure success.

For students in grades 5-12, students are educated through both teleconferencing and face-to-face instruction. Face-to-face instruction is crucial for the delivery of additional pedagogical approaches that students cannot get from computer-aided instruction alone.  It’s also imperative for teachers and school directors monitor student progress, set expectations, and plan for any learning transitions that are yet to come.