Curriculum & Services

A+ Learning

A+ Learning is an online adaptable curriculum that serves as the basic common core curriculum for grades K – 12.  Teachers actively teach the content presented in A+ Learning.  The online application has the advantage of “go-anywhere” capacity for independent learning, practice and review.  Teachers start with A+, but also use a wide range of additional materials to teach content matter using different instructional methods.  A+  Learning is aligned to all Florida subject area competency requirements. 

Home & Hospital Based Education

We believe that students should have the opportunity to be educated with peers.  When that is not possible, TOKLA offers home and hospital based educational alternatives, so that academic progress can remain on track. 


The Home & Hospital Based instructional program has two instructional settings: face-to-face instruction by qualified teachers and virtual instruction via computer with 24/7 access.   These complement each other and provide a wide range of curriculum opportunities to students who are unable to attend school for disability and medical reasons. Services are also available for Limited English Proficiency and exceptional students at all grade levels.


At TOKLA, high school juniors are offered vocational internship placement.  This allows them to explore various vocational options and gain valuable work experience.  Internship placement is based on vocational interest assessments, discussion, academic grades in related areas, and an interview. In the process, students learn to appreciate the value of their efforts, goal setting, management roles, responsibility, and work ethics.

Life Skills

In Life Skills classes, students learn to become responsible for themselves and to extend consideration for others.  They become competent in skills such as time-management, and organization.  They begin to feel proud of their efforts and achievements. Each student is required to apply himself to basic skills including personal hygiene, cleaning, laundry and cooking.  There is also instruction in automotive technology, first-aid, swimming, self-defense, personal banking/bookkeeping, bicycle riding, camping/survival, and driver’s education.

Social Skills

Social skills are addressed in different settings: in large group trainings, in mini group discussions, with a study buddy, and in one-on-one counseling. We practice properly introducing oneself, recognizing social cues, responding appropriately and respectfully, and developing rapport in both public settings and in personal relationships. We aim to bring forth a well-adjusted, responsible, community-minded, and socially appropriate individual.


TOKLA students move every day!  Exercise helps maintain focus, reduces stress, and improves self-confidence, not to mention its physical and social benefits.  Running and calisthenics are scheduled daily.  A host of other activities are scheduled throughout the week, both on site and off site.  There’s something for everyone, including fitness machines, basketball, football, swimming, boating, volleyball, boxing, martial arts, weight training, and golf.


Occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, and counseling are offered to students, as needed.  Therapists usually work with students on site.  Eligibility is dictated by the student’s IEP. 

Vocational Training

Beginning in middle school, occupational training is offered to all students to start to develop marketable skills, explore career options and set the groundwork for a more advanced vocational program. A wide array of courses is offered.  Students must complete basic requirements in each area. Some of our course offerings include computer hardware, software, bookkeeping, public speaking, writing, construction, music, art, AutoCAD drawing, finance, notary, culinary arts, and resume writing.

Wilson Reading & Fundations

Reading is high priority at TOKLA. Students are evaluated upon enrollment.  With appropriate interventions, many struggling readers can develop missing skills and reach grade level reading fluency quickly.  TOKLA staff is trained in the Wilson Reading System, a K-12 reading curriculum that helps struggling readers close the gap.


At the K-3 level, we use Wilson’s Fundations program, which makes learning to read fun while laying the groundwork for life-long literacy. Fundations uses multisensory methods such as “sky writing” and gross motor memory movements to develop reading and pre-reading skills. 

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