OUR MISSION at Tree of  Knowledge Learning Academy (ToKLA)is to aid academically at-risk, or physically challenged children by providing psycho-educational services for them to achieve academic success leading to a productive and rewarding lifestyle.

All too often, children are taught in a “one size fits all” manner, overlooking each child’s personal learning style. The reality is that we all learn in different ways. To be successful, we all need to be taught and allowed to learn according to our own unique style. When a child’s uniquely effective learning style is discovered, it works like magic. Suddenly, the child actually enjoys learning and can awaken in him or herself an excitement to learn.

ToKLA is continuously building relationships with schools across the United States giving more students access to programming they need and deserve. At ToKLA, our educational specialists access and reveal each child’s unique learning style and develop individualized service plans that create an enthusiasm to learn.